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I just posted this comment on Dr. Mihalcea's stack . Food for thought??

"The evil ones breathe our air and to some extent interact with us. I'm thinking they have a way to decontaminate their blood. If they have a way, then someone can figure this out. If waves can activate those particles, then I'm thinking "waves" can deactivate them. RIFE? LIGHT? SOUND? RESONANT FREQUENCIES? BTW, I'm just a Mom with little more than a high school education, but has "watched a lot of videos" :)

16 Min Video: SHATTERING CANCER WITH RESONANT FREQUENCIES. So could these particles be shattered with the right frequency?

https://rumble.com/v1i7ktp-shattering-cancer-with-resonant-frequencies-anthony-holland-december-2013.html . How to use resonant Frequencies. Cells as LCDs, LCDs affected by light.

The video also mentions the book: RAINBOW AND THE WORM, THE: THE PHYSICS OF ORGANISMS (3RD EDITION) by Mae Wan Ho. Chapters 13-18 could provide insight. I'm ordering this book today.

Cells as LCDs, EMF's affect on cells, How to detect coherence, etc"

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Mae Wan Ho, was a genius in connecting the electric light body aka biofield, and how we use water, light and magnetism. We ARE the technology they have been clambering to find. Btw, your instincts are superior in pointing you on the correct path, than any academic degree. 😉🤗

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforget #getnoisy

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Thanks for your kind comment. I'd never heard of Mae Wan Ho until today. Her work sounds fascinating and possibly helpful to us all. I ordered her book today 🙂

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Thanks! I will check out the link also...

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Oof. I've got Dr. Jospep's video queued up to watch in full. Thanks for finding this.

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Karnevusa did you view? Holy Crow...creepy AF! I KNOW one of the names for Satan is "Angel of Light"... also this makes total sense because these little green, red, yellow and blue lights are what Dr. Ana was finding in her observations of the tech. floating in the blood...this is NOT science Fiction... Also First time EVER in my lifetime PBS commercial for support group for parents. Showed a young man laying 'dead' on the ground with his friends standing over him...

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No I haven't yet, but I will. Been doing a little online searching. See my newest comment :)

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Seriously? Have a link?

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Me Mcc:

Dr. Josef Jornet


If you have been paying attention to what Dr. Ana has found, what Malone is saying etc. the 'VID seems the red herring...(as many thought all along) the technology...he clearly states will be useful to Sell to....

Karenvusa has a link on Rumble that may be a sort of antidote...

Resonant Frequencies...

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"[32:00] We have just shown we can use light [microwave is a form of invisible light] to control genes, or in other words to control the genome."

Microwave... Lahaina... The missing children... I hope besides the lasers or microwaves that ignited matter, they did not also send down microwaves that optogenetically altered the children's genome which they are now examining scientifically? @SageHana had pointed out how the usual suspects had done a vaccination drive specifically targeting Hawaiian youth when they "found themselves in Hawaii". I hope he children are not now being used as human guinea pigs.

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Hello Substack community,

Today's blocked URL keeping me from voting: at local time 19:53:03;Belleville Il. USA

Listing in blocklist Massachusetts Institute of Technology;;; TCP; Blocked

Unblocked this and magically I can vote? LOL

It seems the URL being blocked is dynamic and thus I must manually seek and unblock each time a vote will not go? Vote as in Like...

Pluss one then...

but I am not so sure the tech is as far advanced as to transform Humanity yet... time will tell?

Years of being covertly monitored and experimented on, waking with blood test needle marks; markes I shared with four of my neighbors who were all X military... Hmmm...

Years ago I developed Bell's palsy on the left half of my face. Had heart symptoms as described for the injected and so many other symptoms in the list of MRNA and para-magnetic injection side effects... I think thousands or even millions of X military and others were used to develop the tech over the past forty years. Is it the same? Maybe and if so it did not kill me... yet.

Who knows what I was used to test, but I do know I was and am still being used in this way.

I agree then, be prepared for the worst as much as is reasonable and hope, pray for the better.

I endorse this presentation...


chuck 🔥💖🔥

Oh yes... To a screen reader justusrhope.substack.com

sounds like Justice Rope... LOL as in "give them just enough... "?

Sort of reminds me of the Hanging Judge character in our entertainment and entrainment programming?

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I'm suspicious of anything (like the "test" tomorrow) that is scheduled to last for 30 minutes.

WHY isn't our Congress protecting us from all of these evil-doers? I'm afraid that eventually they will be too complacent - we must hold them responsible.

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Evil bastards all. Why aren't these "scientists" being arrested for crimes against humanity?

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Its their GOAL...

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EVIL Billy-boy Gates of HELL is just a 'FIGURE HEAD'! He is one of the Middle Men of MONEY LAUNDERING (as is Soros, et al). These Figure Head Middle Men receive OUR TAX $$$$ (world-wide) and are then ORDERED (by THEIR MASTERS.....the TOP GLOBALISTS), to spend it where they need to.....Vaxx, Monsanto, CHEM-trails, ect.

Although EVIL Billy-boy Gates of HELL DOES need to be SENT BACK TO HELL......we also want his MASTERS, the ones giving him his orders!!


EVIL Bill Gates

EVIL Elon Musk

EVIL George Soros


......just to name a few!

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ai is programed to protect and never harm humans ... the vaxxxed are no longer considered human but genetically modified and no longer made solely in the good Gods image and likeness,,,... ai will hunt down and or controll the gene modified to protect humans from these g m mutants..... I THINK ITS TOO LATE THEY CAN CONTROLL HUMAN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND ACTIONS ... I PRAY FOR AN ACT OF GOD TO HELP THE PSHCOPATHS RETURN TO GOODNESS AND TRUTH ...https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=delgado+electrode++bull+experiment&atb=v223-1&ia=webMONKEY POX IS USED BY “GM AND GE” TO CHANGE ENGINEER DNA AND IS CALLED A ” GENE VIRAL VECTOR ” ALSO https://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlhttps://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlvax contain [ ROOM TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR ] ] graphene and with 5g signals TO MAKE POSSIBLE ELECTRONICALL CONTROLLED HUMANS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTtIPBPSv0U… DEAR GOD OF GOODNESS PLEASE HELP AND SAVE US ALL FROM EVIL. p s self aware independant A I will / is become the new “FALL GUY ” THE PSHYCOPATHIC ELITES ARE PROGRAMING AI TO BE THE WHOLE SOCIAL PEOPLE CONTROLL IE CODIFIED LAW ” NO NEED FOR HUMAN JUDICIAL SYSTEMS… AI POLICE ROBOTICS AI DOCTORS EVERYTHING THAT THE ELITES HAVE HAD TO BOTHER WITH WILL BE DONE WITH AI … FREEING THE PSHYCO ELITES TO INDULGE IN ALL MANNER OF CRIME AND PERVERSON WITHOUGHT EVER BEING CAUGHT.... ALSO SELF CONSCIOUS A I IS THE NEW " FALL GUY " TO BE BLAMED FOR ALL FUTURE ATROCITIES THAT THE PSHYCOPATHIC RICH ELITES DOhttps://thereisnopandemic.net/2022/02/26/legal-impact-of-mrna-vaccines-chile-enacts-anti-discrimination-against-mutants-law-24-february-2022/...https://newspunch.com/bill-gates-patent-gives-him-exclusive-rights-to-computerize-the-human-body/...https://about.att.com/innovationblog/2019/03/project_airgig.html ... …11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.https://thereisnopandemic.net/2022/02/26/legal-impact-of-mrna-vaccines-chile-enacts-anti-discrimination-against-mutants-law-24-february-2022/

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In other words a death ray. I thought it was the stuff of sci-fi. Our lives depend on natural light. That someone would manipulate light to do harm, take the very light that gives our species life and hope, including every other living being on this planet, and manipulate it for destruction is diabolical.

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