This News Forum is entitled Repurposed Drugs: Powers & Possibilities, a newsletter about Life-saving generic drugs, censorship, mandates, and regulatory capture. This forum comes at a time in our history marking unprecedented change, some good and some not. As Dr. Chris Martensen observed, “the next 20 years will not be like the last 20.”

What will the changes entail? 

The ways we gather our news will change. Most will no longer trust the advocacy journalists that now ‘report’ the news because they provide grossly distorted information that depends on their political stance. To get factual news, people will need to rely more on individual reporters, such as sources on this forum.

Our system of currency may change as we see the introduction of cryptocurrency. In addition, we are now witnessing rampant inflation. And with the advent of digitalization, human jobs are being replaced with ever more computer automation. This combination of job loss and inflation may create conditions for a prolonged economic downturn in the United States and other developed countries. 

The rise of the medical-industrial complex - the ultimate outgrowth of Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex has unfolded before our eyes and can threaten our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

I aim to shed light on all of these changes, and the goal is to share with you sources of accurate information, where to find more detail, and hopefully to navigate all these uncharted waters successfully.


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Justus R. Hope
Physician, Writer, and Human Rights Advocate